✠ Temple Creations✠

  • ✠ Temple Creations is a vividly vibrant festival and event scenography project inspired by psychedelic vision, futuristic mysticism, and love. Founded by Edita and Lukas Randers, this artist couple shared a love for the psychedelic scene. This gave birth to the project, which officially began its journey back in 2015. As the years went by, their particular style of colorful, UV-intensive optic art captivated eyes, aided in the expansion of many minds, and inspired peers of artists in their own psychedelic studies.

    The concept of Temple Creations has always been to conjure places of modern, personal worship for those who understand the healing powers of entranced dance. By the end of 2019, the templars had installed crazy sceneries in many well-known events and venues all across Europe. Events such as Odyssee, Flying Mystic, WAO, SEF, Somnambul, Revision, Wummerland, Treebal, Elements, Kosmos, Plutonium, and many others. Gradually, beat by beat, Temple Creations established themselves as a team that people knew would bring proper visual vibes to the floor.

    And today, during this dull period of inactivity, the templars have been biding their time, preparing even more art for all faithful partygoers to enjoy in the coming seasons of UV-lit dancefloors. They can't wait to show you what they have prepared! Get ready!  ✠